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Ethicameat is the brand of the Spanish company Biotech Foods, which produces and sells cultured meat.

Biotech Foods is a biotechnology startup founded in 2017. In addition, it is a pioneering Spanish company and one of the few in the world dedicated to driving a revolution in the global food market, cultured meat.

It is a type of natural 100% animal meat that, using the most advanced biotechnology, gives consumers the option to combine animal based meat production with animal and environmental protection. It is a sustainable, slaughter-free animal meat that is high in proteins, 100% natural and very healthy.

Our brand is based on growing muscle tissue, which is the same as that produced naturally in the animal’s body. This growth is based on the multiplication process naturally present in the cells of any living being, which grows and regenerates tissue. Our intervention is restricted to harvesting them and keeping them at the perfect temperature and air conditions for them to develop, without modifying the product with any type of additive.

The name comes from the process that is carried out in order to obtain this type of tissue through cell culture. Globally it is also known as clean meat.

Ethicameat is a product that is high in animal protein with 0% fat. Neither does it contain saturated fats, so it is an ideal product for the entire family.

The Ethicameat development process is natural and we have only selected cells specialised in generating muscle, without generating fat; as a result, the meat obtained has a higher percentage of protein than meat usually eaten by consumers, which also contains less fat. Therefore, a section of society will be particularly interested in this product, as there is already a processed products offering in which the fat is removed.

The difference with current meat production is not related to its biological value or its processing but to how this food product is developed and the effects it generates or prevents.

This production method uses 99% less land, 75% less water and generates 90% fewer emissions than conventional meat products.

The consumer will be able to access a product high in protein, 100% natural, with 0% fat, nutritious and slaughter-free.

Our meat is animal based; it is developed naturally in a controlled environment and  processed, as happens with many other conventional foods, such as cold meats, sausages, preserved fruit, pickles, canned fish, cheese with added salt. All of these foods are 100% natural.

Our product is protein, produced by animal cells, so their composition does not contain any type of chemical additive. On the contrary, it is safer, as it is not exposed to possible food crises and does not contain antibiotics.

Food safety is assured; there is no possible incidence of diseases passed from animals, as it grows in protected environments. With added benefits. No animals are slaughtered, it requires fewer natural resources and it contains high quality protein.

The cells harvested from one pig can produce the same as 400 pigs in one year, and slaughter-free.

Our products are currently in the production scaling and regulation stage, so they are scheduled to be launched in the near future. Follow our website and social media to find out all the latest news.