The countdown has begun. In the coming years consumers will have an animal based, healthy, sustainable and nutritious meat alternative with a Spanish flavour. Do you dare to try the future? These are the benefits…


100% animal based. Our meat is completely animal based. Cells are painlessly harvested from a sample of animal tissue, which multiply in a biological environment controlled by humans, in the same way as they would in the animal’s body. It is not genetically modified in any way.


Sacred proteins. They are an essential part of a healthy diet. Ethicameat is high in animal protein, with 0% fat, which helps reduce obesity and other health issues like cholesterol. It is a lean, healthy meat that is ideal for the whole family.


We have a responsibility to do something. Livestock farming uses 25% of the fresh water and land on the planet and accounts for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. Our production method uses 99% less land, 75% less water and generates 90% fewer emissions than similar meat products.


Tasty and nutritious. Cultured meat has the same main nutritional properties as animal meat and is processed in thousands of different ways for consumption, such as ham, nuggets and meatballs. This meat is as nutritious and tasty as other meat and has a social conscience. It is a new concept - it is Ethicameat.


Ethicameat is developed in a completely safe biological environment, without antibiotics, which are so widely used in intensive livestock farming. In addition, as it is a biological environment free from all types of viruses, the meat is free from all foodborne diseases.


We owe animals a lot. We are concerned for their welfare and life. And for that of the planet and of people too. This is how our meat is made. It is a new concept; enjoy slaughter-free meat. The difference with conventional meat is that the cells harvested from one pig can produce the same as 400 pigs in one year.