Good for you, better for all

Ethicameat is not just a commercial brand; it is a statement of intent in itself and, at the same time, a real plan of action. Our brand was born with several values as a guide: respect for others, desire for humility, aware of the sustainability, social and economic implications of a livestock industry that is reaching its limit and to which the responsible consumer asks for reflection and for an alternative solution.

Ethicameat does not come to replace one brand with another. It does not pose a threat to anyone. It does not imply denouncing others. It is simply a kind of response as an exercise of responsibility and conscience, courageous, disruptive, innovative and differential to a meat production system that has reached the limit.

The lifestyle that defends responsible consumption is getting more important in every corner of the planet as a rethinking of our needs for a society who wants a healthy a sustainable diet, fair with animal welfare and worry about our environment.

Initiatives to raise awareness of the climate implications of the current production system and lifestyle are spreading all over the world, as a cooperative effort that unites everyone. As Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who, in August 2018, decided to miss class every Friday to protest in front of the Swedish Parliament and resulted in the ‘Friday for the Future’ movement, says, “acting in conscience means fighting for what you consider fair, because we all have a moral obligation to do what all we can to improve the world”.

Fighting for what we consider fair is the right of everyone, of present and future generations, and any grain of sand, as Ethicameat represents, is a big step towards tackling climate change and defending animal welfare. The most difficult part of the problem is to think that the current productive system together with the constant population growth at a global level is the antechamber of a worse, unjust and lesser food security world. The key is to make oneself heard, to show a viable alternative project and to gain followers based on credibility, common values and shared icon.

We are convinced that the cultured meat sector is therefore added to other initiatives of very different kinds which start off every minute. Our project, which arises from instinct Spanish talent and creativity joins others from the Netherlands, the United States, Israel… and it is a trend that has only awakened. All these projects start from a common consideration: the consumption of meat today must no longer involve the slaughter of animals or the pollution of the planet. It is possible to eat meat with high protein content, delicious, healthy, and at the same time preserve the environment and animal welfare. So simple and so complex.

Ethicameat es “Good for you, better for all”.

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