Healthy and sustainable food for sustained growth

Iñigo Charola, CEO of Biotech Food, collaborates as an ambassador in the KM Zero Food Innovation Hub which objective is to support the development of alternative proteins that produce healthy diets in sustainable food systems, such as cultured meat.

KM Zero Food Innovation Hub promotes the transformation towards a healthier, sustainable, resilient and fairer food system. Our CEO Íñigo Charola collaborates as an ambassador of this project, which is joined by leaders from all over the world who, through innovation, work on the most disruptive solutions to the challenges of the food sector.

The network of ambassadors is made up of people who are shaping the near future of food. A near future in which the development and production of alternative proteins such as cultured meat play a key role in reducing environmental impact and protecting animal welfare. As Charola explains in an interview with elmundoempresarial, “the idea of contributing to the fight against climate change was one of the motivations that led us to create the company, because, in addition to science, we are interested and concerned about the environment and sustainability”.

But what exactly is KM Zero Food Innovation Hub, and why does Biotech Food support the initiative?

KM Zero Food Innovation Hub explores and works in the same terms of our project: sustainability, food innovation, climate change, environmental impact… The hub, based in Valencia, pursues objectives that involve all of us in seeking new answers to the biggest human challenge: to provide a growing world population with healthy solutions that come from sustainable food systems. That means transforming the way we produce, distribute, consume and reuse food. KM Zero understands that the challenges can only be successfully met by collaborating and investing more in innovation, which must drive the transformation of the food sector, and precisely what we are working on and developing at Biotech Food.

To seek and achieve a better, more sustainable planet and respond to the challenge of feeding an ever-growing world population, KM Zero identifies, connects and encourages collaboration between people and initiatives that are driving change by working for better food. This food innovation hub works with startups, companies and the community, attending various events and conferences on technology and innovation in the food and beverage industry. 

Access to the food tech entrepreneurial ecosystem

Km Zero offers these startups support, experience, knowledge and resources for the projects to evolve and succeed through a four-month mentoring programme, which provides them with a multidisciplinary team of experts in the world of food, industry contacts and resources for generating impact. One of these startups is Trillions, a company that offers cricket protein nutritional supplements. Gabriel and Albert are the two young entrepreneurs and visible heads of this project, which uses cricket flour with pea protein and natural ingredients to formulate new products that improve sports performance.

The innovation hub also supports companies in the food industry with innovation strategy projects, co-creation and access to the food tech entrepreneurial ecosystem. Close to the community, KM Zero generates and shares information and trends in the food sector, as well as offering educational experiences related to innovation and the future of food.

In terms of conferences and events, the hub participates in several of the most relevant activities in the sector, such as the Food 4 Future World Summit, the largest European conference on technology and innovation in the food and beverage industry.

In June, Íñigo Charola attended the Food 4 Future Expo FoodTech 2021 international trade fair to help respond to the major challenges facing the food sector. BioTech Foods was one of the 20 companies selected by the organisation, from among more than 2,000 food-tech startups, to present their progress to the international community, and to place the development and production of alternative proteins, which Charola and his team have been working on since 2017, at the centre of the debate.

KM Zero is also participating in the Ftalks Food Summit, which brings together the key players in the food ecosystem transformation. Focused on sustainability and health, the event serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs who meet the top global leaders in the transformation of the food system.

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