Ethicameat is the range of cultured meat products from the Spanish company Biotech Foods. This company was founded in 2017 to advance in this global food revolution of producing meat from animal cells.

Achieving the impossible

In a world threatened by climate change, a growing population represents a challenge when it comes to combining food and sustainability. Therefore, cultured meat is positioned as one of the greatest innovations of the century, combining food safety, animal welfare and sustainability in a unique product that is perfect for the whole family. This food revolution originated in the 1990s, when research on cell growth opened the door to many applications, including the food sector.

In 2008, Dr Mercedes Vila, founder of Biotech Foods, was interested in the many applications that could be derived from this initiative. She began her research on tissue engineering for regenerative medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid, a study which earned her the 2010 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Award ‘For Women in Science’. This was the first step towards what is now Biotech Foods.

A few years later, in 2013, one of the most awaited scientific demonstrations of recent years was held: Maastricht University presented the first hamburger made from cultured beef to the public. This was no doubt a milestone that was set to change our future diet.

In 2017 Biotech Foods was founded, a biotechnology company that makes Ethicameat, and the first feasibility studies of this initiative were published, which concluded with the implementation of the first Spanish cultured meat production project. This initiative quickly started to attract interest from many groups and investors, including the prestigious CIC Nanogune in San Sebastián and the I&I.

In 2018 Biotech Foods created its brand, Ethicameat, which will sell its products in the near future.

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