Ethicameat grows from a sample of the animal’s cell tissue, meaning that it does not need to be slaughtered. By growing the animal’s muscle tissue we get a meat product that is not genetically modified and with 0% fat.

How Ethicameat is obtained

The system is based on regenerative medicine. Skin and organs can be regenerated from tissue sample. In the cultured meat field, a live organ can be developed from animal muscle cells.

Meat sample

The process is based on harvesting cells from the animal’s muscle in optimum conditions. The animal is not harmed in any way and it does need to be slaughtered. The cells harvested from one pig can produce the same as 400 pigs in one year.


The cells are harvested in an environment with controlled humidity and temperature conditions so that they continue forming tissue through a natural process of cell growth. The natural growth conditions, without any type of genetic modification, are essential for Ethicameat.


With natural ingredients, a 37-degree temperature and the appropriate atmosphere the cells dynamically grow rapidly. The end result is muscle mass high in protein and fat-free, if desired.


The end product from the previous process is not for the end consumer but for the meat processing industry. The muscle mass obtained can be processed into many products to be sold to the consumer; sliced ham, burgers, sausages, nuggets, etc. But always respecting the life of the animals, environmentally sustainable and through a natural process.