Producers choose ‘Cultivated meat’

The Good Food Institute has surveyed major cultured meat industry players to determine their preferences for the nomenclature of this alternative protein. The term ‘cultivated meat’ was overwhelmingly chosen by the 44 participating producers, including BioTech Foods, to define cell-cultured meat.  

Choosing an appropriate term that adequately defines the nature of a hitherto unprecedented product is one of the aspects that can determine the level of consumer acceptance.

Companies involved in alternative proteins are well aware of this and have responded actively to the consultation launched by The Good Food Institute. The aim is to define the category designation preferred by those involved in the sector and to pass these results on to the official bodies responsible for regulating new foods such as cultured meat for their arrival on the market. 

The survey carried out throughout September 2021, has resulted in a broad consensus around the term ‘cultivated meat’, something that has been valued very positively by the CEOs of the companies involved. “The result has coincided with our vote, as we believe that ‘Cultivated Meat’ is the most accurate term and best describes our cellular agriculture process,” says BioTech Foods CEO Iñigo Charola.

While opinions were much more polarised in previous studies, the results were overwhelming this time, with 75% of the 44 companies that responded to the survey opting for ‘cultivated meat’ as their preferred option. The term “cultured meat” came in second place with 20%. The term ‘cell-based was chosen by only one company.

Things have changed significantly from previous analyses. GFI’s 2020 industry report indicated that 37% of companies used ‘cultivated’, 25% of companies used ‘cultured’ and 18% used ‘cell-based. The remaining 20% used other terms to describe their meat production process.

The cultured meat producers surveyed expressed their satisfaction with the growing consensus around the term ‘cultivated meat’ and believe it would be very positive to see the whole alternative protein sector adopt it as a primary nomenclature as “user-friendly, differentiating and appealing to consumers”.

In addition “it has the advantage of being easily translated into the main European languages, which is very important in terms of conveying to consumers what the complementary meat alternative we are working on consists of” adds BioTech Foods CEO. A view shared by the Belgian association Cellular Agriculture Europe, which brings together a coalition of researchers and companies committed to building a more sustainable future: “Cultivated meat is the best-documented term for consumer acceptance, which is of vital importance in the initial phase of the emergence of a new industry.

Preferred choice also for consumers and investors

Consumer research conducted in 2019 by Mattson, the independent US food and beverage innovation firm, indicated that the preferred term for meat produced through cellular agriculture was ‘cultured meat’, ahead of ‘cultured meat’ and cell-based. Almost all participants responded positively to ‘cultivated meat’ and associated it with farming, naturalness and care. According to The Good Food Institute, leading investors in the sector also consider the term “connects with people immediately“, so cultivated meat for everyone!


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