The global phenomenon of alternative proteins

Sustainable food solutions are among the most discussed topics in the contemporary global food industry, focus on new protein sources. Disruptive protein technology and the market for sustainable food solutions are growing at a rapid pace.

“To be part of tomorrow’s food solution” is the aim of the international forum New Food Conference Berlin on 28-29 April, in which Iñigo Charola, CEO of our parent company BioTech Foods, is participating. The New Food Conference is an industry-oriented event that aims to accelerate and promote these innovative food technologies by bringing together the best players in the sector.

The virtual event is organized by ProVeg, an international food awareness organization based on four continents and active in more than 20 countries. ProVeg works with businesses, governments, public institutions, scientific professionals, and the general public to promote the transition to an animal-free society and economy that is sustainable for humans, animals, and the planet. Among its challenges: To reduce global animal consumption by 50% by 2040.

Considered Europe’s largest conference on new protein solutions, the New Food Conference Berlin is a great opportunity to establish synergies with key players in the food industry. It is a pioneering conference in Europe with the participation of prominent leaders in the field of plant- and cell-based proteins, which makes it the perfect platform for publicizing projects aimed at providing innovative food solutions, such as cultured meat, which Ethicameat has been working on since 2017.

As ProVeg recalls, the 2019 edition of the New Food Conference was the first international event in Europe to bring together leading innovators in the fields of plant products and cultured animal products. A knowledge-sharing platform where, once again this year, a wide range of topics will be discussed (see the full program here). From the priorities and forecasts for investment in the future of food to the round table: ‘Cellular agriculture: is commercialization just around the corner’, in which our CEO, Iñigo Charola, will take part.

The forum promoted by ProVeg is, therefore, a unique opportunity not only to accelerate innovative food technologies but also to discuss relevant aspects such as consumer acceptance, dissemination in the media, and public awareness of the opportunities offered by alternative proteins in the face of global problems such as climate change or world food supply. Consumer demand and tastes are changing faster than ever before as awareness of nutrition and environmental impacts grow.